Why do I need a check-out?

The Pinstripe Check-Out is a snapshot of the property at the end of the tenancy. The report details the changes and dilapidations that have occurred during the course of the tenancy. We do not require tenants to be present at the Check-Out but if requested they can be. Pinstripe clerks will use the original inventory, tenant amendments and any other relevant information while producing the Check-Out.

Where possible Pinstripe will attempt to determine ‘Recommended Responsibility’ for changes that have occurred to the property. These recommendations will take into account the current state of the property, the original inventory, check- in, amendments and any other supporting documentation provided to Pinstripe Inventories before the Check-Out. However, Pinstripe Inventories do not have the full history of the property and so ultimately the final decision will be made by the Managing Agent.